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Eileen Schrader 2008 - Programming and Beyond- The Obvious and Subtler Effects of Mind Control In Survivors of RA/MC

Eileen Schrader 2008

Eileen Schrader LCSW, BA is a therapist and a journalist and a survivor of RA/MC, who has the privilege of treating fellow survivors. She wants all survivors to live the best lives possible, and has advocated for them at the United Nations. She is grateful to her husband, Henry, for his humor and dedication. Her topic is "Programming and Beyond --the obvious and subtler effects of mind control in survivors of ritual abuse and mind control."

Eileen recently was a presenter at the 13th International Conference on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma, held September 17, 2008, in San Diego, CA along with Wanda Karriker, Ph.D., Randy Noblitt, Ph.D., and Ellen P. Lacter, PhD. Their presentation was entitled: Torture-Based mind Control: Empirical Research, Programmer Methods, Effects & Treatment.

Here is an outstanding quote by Eileen from a very active Wall Street Journal Blog discussion followed by a link to that article and discussion:

"I would like to believe that the horrible, torturous abuses I have heard from brave clients over the years are just imaginary.
I would like to believe that.
I would like to believe that their are no Satanic Cults, no Child Pornography rings, no drug-trafficking, no selling of children to pedophile groups, governments and intelligence agencies.
I would like to believe that.
I would like to believe that the world is only filled with good and loving people who would never hurt a child, and never sell a child, or rape a child, or try to control a child’s mind.
I would like to believe that.
I look at the history of the world, replete with these offenses committed en masse for generations–rapes, wars, the murders of men, women and children and the insatiable quest for power and money and control….
I would like to believe these things don’t occur now–that they are a distant remnant of more savage ancestors.
I would like to believe that no adult would ever sexually abuse their own child today, never sell them for profit today, never put them in pornography today, never give them over to the hands of those who would torture them and mistreat them to the point of near death today.
I would like to believe that.
But….I cannot believe that.
I cannot believe that because I was extremely abused as a child. Of course I would like to believe it never happened.
“It never happened.” That’s what they used to tell me when they were finished abusing me sexually and filming me and torturing me to see how much pain I could withstand.
“It never happened,” they would say. Then they would put electrodes on my body and shock me.
But it did happen. Now I would like the opportunity to continue to treat others who have suffered similarly, to consult with esteemed colleagues, to have civilized dialogue about all these issues, without the threat of lawsuits being paraded out regularly by organizations who allegedly have perpetrators as their own founders!
I am grateful to every poster and to the Wall Street Journal for one of the best dialogues on this subject I have seen in 20 years.
In journalism school I was taught that the defense against libel was the truth.
If a child can face such a sad truth, indeed can live through the torturous pain of that truth, we, as adults, can bear that truth, certainly.
I fervently hope that the treatment for trauma and dissociative disorders continues to flourish and save lives as it did mine."
Comment by Eileen P. Schrader, LCSW, BA, Journalism - November 9, 2007 at 2:16 am