Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dr. Lowell Routley Ph.D., PC 2008 - Am I "Real Me" or am I "Memorex, y, z"?

Lowell Routley 2008

Smart Conference Presenation 2008:
Lowell Routley is a therapist in the Midwest who helps survivors of extreme trauma. Lowell has listened to survivors to find what works, what doesn’t and why. As director of Heartland Initiative, he actively trains therapists and consults with client and therapist to resolve impasses in healing. His topic is ”Am I “Real Me” or Am I “Memorex, y, z”?”
Dr. Routley first spoke at the 2006 SMART Conference on the topic:
"What is a Normal Mind Like? How is Mine Different? or What Survivors Have Taught Me Over the Last Thirty Years."

Then again in 2007:
“Using the Cognitive Compass on the Healing Journey to Core Integrity.”
Dr. Lowell Routley partnered with Jim McCarthy M.A. in founding Heartland Initiative in 1997. It teaches the methodology and theory behind:
Finding Core Integrity After Life's Trauma- Training and Consultation Programs of Heartland Initiative.
Heartland Initiative exists to serve survivors of traumatic experiences through education programs that establish effective treatment, consultation services that facilitate therapeutic progress, research resources that document trauma contexts and phenomenology, and fundraising programs that create affordable services.

Lowell Routley, Ph.D., PC- Over 30 years of compassionate counsel for real life problems